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Since our inception, Decibel is aligned to basic values standing on the foundation of health and safety; quality, reliability, dependability, competency and leadership. Through these values and our proven track record, we achieved market leadership position in the fiercely competitive world. Decibel is open to change, driving innovation and seeking transformational opportunities are our focal.


Design & Consultation Services

Decibel is able to provide a cost effective and workable design and build systems to address the performance requirements of any engineered or customised solutions, consultants’ specification or any out-of-the-ordinary requirements. Whether it is design thinking in a structured manner or applying a lateral lens to an innovative challenge, our engineering designers take heart of BCA and relevant regulatory expectations including compliance with SS546.

Installation Services

Installation is the heart of our business and our engineers possess deep expertise with a breadth of knowledge and a sense of urgency when implementing your project. They are trained in many special techniques associated with the complex nature of installation work including in-process quality control to bring new impetus to value creation.


Maintenance Services

To minimise downtime and avoid costly repairs to any equipment and its system, maintenance; be it scheduled, preventive, predictive, etc. is an absolute necessity in extending life, increasing reliability and assets are utilised till they are working efficiently thus ensuring increased Return On Investment (ROI).

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